Correct Oil Viscosity?


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Question Correct Oil Viscosity?

I recently bought a used 97' Chevy Camaro with the 3800 series motor.It has 57,000 miles on it.
My question is whats the correct oil viscosity to use?I live in NewEngland,so the tem varies in the summer about 100 deg,to cold winters of 0-20 deg.
The owners manual is rather confusing on this.I think it says 10W-30 is prefered.But I thought all the newer motors used 5W-30?
I want to use the best grade for this car.Could you please advise me on the correct weight oil to use in this motor..Thanks
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The oil cap on the engine has the "preferred grade".

The chart in the owner's manual is quite self explanatory, actually.

You look at the outside expected temperature on the chart. Whatever you anticipate the range being between now and your next oil change (3 months/3k miles) is what you use as your temperature guide.

They usually show arrows over the temperature. That means that grade of oil is recommended for that temperature range. For example, 5W30 might be recommended for -10 degrees F to 40 degrees F. 10W30 good for 40 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The chart is a guide.

5W30 or 10W30 is probably what is recommended and what is fine for this engine.

Make sure you do not overfill the engine when you change the oil. The proper capacity is listed in the owner's manual under the specifications section generally.

Good luck with your "F body" (Camaro and Firebird). I own two of them, a possible third on the way this week.

I only buy the old ones though. I don't buy any newer than 1981 .

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