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Cool 97 Taurus

97 Taurus, running the battery down overnight. I checked at the + with an ampmeter and it's drawing 2.5 amps with nothing on. Stuffed the niece in the trunk, lite is off, pulled the lite in the glovebox and underhood. When the battery is connected the "Battery Saver" relay engages and does not cut out. Why is the battery saver not working? Since all this electrical is connected together in one way or another am I better off running out to Ford and have it plugged into a scanner? Altenator, Battery etc all ck good. Dissconnecting the batt for now...
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Could be the voltage regulator.
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Howdy BigMike:

A couple of things you need to do for me.....

1) Charge your battery. Get it to 12.5 volts.
2) Run the car. Tell me if you have 14.2 volts running, no load.
3) Turn on your accessories one by one. With the full load, the good old Fluke should still read 13.5v or higher. If not, bad alternator. Replace it with a Ford rebuilt. I believe Ford has internal regulators like GM now.

If that checks out, do this.

Take off your positive terminal. Put a test light in between your battery and the post. The light is on bright now, right?

Pull your fuses one by one until you hit the one that really dims the light.

You have now found your problem circuit .

Tell us what you find BigMike. The class is waiting. Lol.
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Cool OK

OK Joe I have done the first part of this but used an Amp Meter and the draw is 2.5 amps. I was not sure about pulling fuses as I believe that a lot of the electronics in these newer car are tied together. The charging circuit is running at 13.8 under load and the battery is fully charged. I will try the fuses solution next. Thanks guy...
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Check www.alldata.com for any known bulletins on your problem. I do recall a problem with these draining. Is the battery original? Sure it holds a charge? Check it closely. Can you see that water is missing? If it lost more than an inch of water, it's a goner .

If you find one (a TSB) , hit your local Fomoco dealer for a full copy of it.

Your man here on Blue Oval products is Fordtech who is a very knowledgable man. He'll be along shortly.
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Cool Otay

Ok Joe, I dont know if you remember but a few months ago I was having a problem with the car downshifting on it's own at all speeds. After further investigation I found that the factory battery was not holding a full charge and causing the problem. I replaced it with an Interstate I think 650 CCA and that problem went away. This current drain problem showed up overnight last Thursday. Parked in the garage at about 4PM and by 6AM Friday it was totaly flat. Took it to my mechanic and tested with electronic tester and hydrometer and all ck'd well within specs. Will follow thru with your advice...
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Cool See how I are?

Forgot to tell y’all what the repair was… The problem wound up being the relay on the fuse box that allows the power to remain on for 45 seconds I believe so the windows can be rolled up etc. This model evidently doesn’t have the delay on the lights like my last two Taurus’ did. But after changing a $9 relay all has been well. Thanks all.
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the update BigMike.

Hope all is well.
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Have the battery and alternator been tested. If so and was found good, sounds like you have a current draw on your hands..

The only way to check a current draw properly is to use a volt meter set to DC amps.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal and connect the meter(one lead hooked to the battery cable, and the other to the battery) You should have no more than 50ma. If you do have more than that, you should remove each fuse one at a time until the level drops below 50ma. Congratulations! you have found the circuit that the draw is on. Now You will have to reinstall the fuse with the meter still hooked up and use a wiring diagram to locate all of the components that are on that circuit. Now, unplug them one at a time until the draw is again below 50ma. Congratulations again, You have found the draw..

Good luck!
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Cool Thanks Chad

Had been through all that, I have been in electronics for umpteen years. It was just finding which one is supposed to have draw, which one wasn’t. I built customized vans for seven years, was one of the best 12 volt guys in the business in KCMO. This was something that I didn’t have a schematic for etc. But it worked out, bad relay. Once I got the relay opened up you could see the physical burns on the contacts. .05 or so draw is common for the radio back and ECM backups but it was drawing 2.5 amps and that was way too much! Again, thanks all!!!

Stereo/Computer moderator.

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