1988 Ford Taurus


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1988 Ford Taurus

Well knuckles , I have tried just about everything that I can get my hands, on, and even changing parts. I still dont have enough pressure, I am not sure if it is the Fuel pressure regulator, or the throttle body is bad, but i sure do not see any cracks or anything of this sort, also when I accerlerate, the engine seems to be choking out, it surges but does not move it acts as though it wants to shut down, I wish I knew what else could be wrong
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I have a 1990 C-1500 V6 that did this kind of thing. The problem seemed huge and expensive. Anytime I tried to accelerate harder than a 95-yr old Amish, the truck just petered out. It never shut off, it just went weak and choked up.

Turned out to be the fuel filter. I got some bad gas, literally (no bean jokes here). Have you tried that? I was about to get my throttle body cleaned out until a friend (who is a mechanic) told me to change the fuel filter- a $12 solution. Just for kicks I replaced the old spark plugs since I was getting down and dirty with my truck anyhow.
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First of all, what engine in this Taurus? 3.0 or 2.5?

If you do not get the proper fuel pressure at the rail, the pump is the likely cause.

The 3.0 is multiport. Check the fuel pressure regulator by looking at the vacuum hose to it. If there is fuel in it, you have found your problem. The regulator is bad.

The 2.5 is throttle body injected and has a diaphragm type regulator. If that is bad, the rubber will be ripped.

Barring that, bad fuel pump.

The fuel filter should have been changed long ago to rule it out

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