starter replacement


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starter replacement

On a 1986 Olds 98 regency is it necessary to remove the front exhaust manifold to replace the starter?

Greg Schultz
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Not as far as I'm aware.

You should pick up a repair manual to guide you through it all.

15 bucks at the parts store, free at the local library.
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Smile Starter Replacement

Thanks Joe....

What an ordeal it turned out to be. I tried jacking up one side of the motor. I tried taking the celinoid off while it was still in place. I tried smashing the celenoid housing. I removed that cooling fan....

For over 4 hours I tried.....finally took the six bolts off the front exhaust manifold and was done in less than another hour.

I guess I should have gone with me instincts but all my mechanic friends were telling me that I should not be messing with the manifold. Can not for the life of figure out why.

Thank you again for your reply Joe

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Because if the bolts seized and broke in the manifold, you'd have a major Howdy Doody .

I still don't recall having to drop things on that 3.8 motor, but I don't have the fortunate luck of owning such FWD variants of the "large barges".

I never liked those front wheel drive GM versions of the big cars. The rear driver carbureted versions were superior in every way in my belief. Less troublesome and easier to service too.

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