Wiring/gauges on 88 S-10


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Wiring/gauges on 88 S-10

I have a 1988 Chevy S-10 with what seems like wiring problems.
My gas gauge will go dead, when I hit the top of the dash (above the instrument panel), it comes back to life. When I turn on my lights, all of my gauges except temp go down, temp goes up. If I turn on the internal lights via the switch (doesn't do it just when the light is on because of the door being open), my radio turns itself off and back on again (even if I leave the light on). If I have my turn signal on, my gauges bob up and down in tune with the turn signal, and to a smaller extent with the beat of the music I'm listening to on my radio.
My main question is, is this a common problem? I want to fix it (without taking it to a shop hopefully) and was wondering what area of the wiring could most likely be the culprit, and how to get to it. Since hitting the dash "fixes" the gas gauge, I'm thinking it's someplace in the dash.
If I've left out something that would be useful to know to help me solve this problem, let me know, I'll be glad to fill in what I may leave out.
Also, are there any replacements for the stock instrument cluster? I would like to install one with a tachometer and a speedometer that goes above 85 sometime.

Jim Morris aka Strangel
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Sounds like a short/loose connection in the cluster.

My neighbor's 88 S10 had a similar problem which wound up being a loose ground under the LH side of the dash. A guy at work had that, another common problem.

Get a wiring diagram (preferably the GM one from their service manual) and use that to guide you before you take it apart.

No, I'm not aware of any stock replacement speedometer that goes above 85 mph. I wouldn't want to go over 85 in an S10 anyhow .

If you want a tach, try finding one from a junkyard, but it will have to come with the harness, etc. Not worth the effort.

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