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Unhappy 91 Honda Accord

I have a 91 Honda Accord with 300,000 miles, automatic trans, Any way it ran great until one day i was very low on gas i backed up with the back of the car going down like a hill with the front of the car up higher than the back it looked like this \ After i backed up put it in drive and it cut right off and hasn't crunk since, I tried adding over a half a tank of gas and having it sit on level ground no luck, i checked to see if it was geting juice from the spark plugs no problem there,but i did notice where the spark plugs are there is a lot of oil but it looks like its been like that for a while so i dont think thats the problem, I asked the honda shop and told them what happened and they said it should have crunk right up after i added the gas,but since it didn't they said to bring it to them to fix it and that it will most likly cost $200. or more to fix it so i would much rather fix it myself any ideas Please Help!!!
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If you are getting constant spark at the plugs at all times, the ignition is likely ok. We'll assume the timing belt is not snapped, and that is easily checked by taking the distributor cap off and watching to see if the rotor turns when you're cranking.

Barring that, rent a fuel pressure gauge and check your fuel pressure at the rail. Pick up a repair manual when you rent the gauge at the parts store and tell us what your fuel pressure is.

Likely a fuel problem at this point.

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