1988 Ford Taurus


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1988 Ford Taurus

Joe Cool!! Just to Answer your Question, my enging is 3.0L Fuel Injected, Here is a list of things I have Changed up to now,
1. Fuel Pump/New Tank
2. Temperture Sensor
3. Rotor,
4. Distributor Cap
5. DIS Module
and these are some of the things I have changed other than new plugs, wires, oil change, filters, well you know some of the basics.
So where do I go from here???
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You need to keep all your posts together so that we can remember what has been discussed. Use your reply button for posting continuity.

At last call, you were going to check the fuel pressure with a pressure gauge. What were the results of that test? Does your fuel pressure match the spec in the service manual? Can't go any further until you verify that you're on the mark here.

I'll assume that you always have spark, and that the distributor rotor DOES turn when the key is cranked. Check it by pulling the cap off and having someone crank the car.
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Ford Taurus

Okay, Well I have checked for spark, and the rotor is turning, but yet, still the car doesn't seem to have enough, pressure on the throttle body to pull fuel up. when I hold my hand on the opening, I find that the car starts to try and start, so , where to now???
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You're dancing around the problem chief .

Rent a fuel pressure gauge from Autozone or any parts store with a rental program and tell us what your fuel pressure is .

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