Stiff Brakes Continued


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Stiff Brakes Continued

I can't find a check valve on my '97 Geo...That was one of the first things I thought it might be (The auto parts store couldn't find one in their books either).
I replaced the vacuum hoses and I checked the vacuum to the booster. It's 20 in. Hg vac on the guage. I asked the guys at the parts store about the fact that there isnn't a check valve and they said that that wasn't surprising. Out of curiosity, could the problem be the (all) wheel cylinders? Seems far fetched...doesn't it?
Also, the fluid is new and no air is in the system.
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im not understanding corectly , did you replace the vacuum hose to the booster? or all the other hoses?
and on another note , check valve should be IN the brake booster hose ,try removing the hose and blowing through one end and then the other (should flow one way and not the other) , check for restrictions , i cant see this hose with built in check valve being offered at a auto parts supplier , its probably a dealer item
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Something's still not right.

Hit any GM dealer's parts counter and have a look at how the booster is mounted and the components. They can tell you in a jiffy from the parts computer.

Most GM's like my cars have an external check valve which when it sticks will cause grief like you have. You also could have a vacuum problem or have gotten a defective booster from the parts happens.

Gix is probably right. The check valve is a dealer item on a vehicle like this.
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