Saturn overheats


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Saturn overheats

I have a 1995 Saturn SL 2 DOHC that I recently purchased. I too am experiencing an overheating problem that looks like the one posted by brwalker 2001 except I hear a squeaking noise coming from the engine until it warms up. Could this be the water pump going bad? I observed the resevoir (engine warm but not hot) with the cap off but see no water movement; should I? Thanks for your help
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You probably need a new drive belt at minimum and perhaps a new idler pulley. Saturn has revised the parts a few times.

Service the cooling system by flushing it out completely and refilling it with the proper coolant/water mix. Replace the thermostat and hoses while you are at it. In short, a pretty complete cooling system service .

Saturns run almost into the red zone on the gauge before they kick on the fan. If you read your owner's manual, you'll see this is quite normal. There is not much margin for error. On most earlier Saturns, there is both a coolant sensor for the computer (PCM) and a fan switch/temperature gauge switch.

Both are under 30 bucks from the dealer and you should probably change both if you suspect they are bad. They are right there on the LH side of the engine near where the upper hose goes into the block as I recall.
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I know this sounds far fetched. I have only seen it one time in my life. An impeller slipping on the water pump shaft.
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But, most Saturns suffer from a glazed drive belt because the top side of the belt rides under the idler pulley.

The idler pulley has also been superseded by Saturn due to noise problems as well. has a TSB on the pulley issue. Change the belt and the pulley. That's probably 90% of the noise right there
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