84 Olds Omega Transmission????


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Question 84 Olds Omega Transmission????

My husband bought then drove 2mi home 84 Olds Omega 2.8L V6. Drove fine, next time he went to drive shifter just moves from P to Low no resistance, car will not shift out of park. Now I have to fix it!!! Pd 900 for car do I have it towed to tranny shop. I need help please.
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Sounds like the shifter cable is broken or it is disconnected at the transmission or shifter. Have your husband work the shifter from P to L while you look under the hood to see if anything is moving. If nothing moves, the problem is in the cable or the cable is disconnected from the shifter. If you can see the cable moving, it's probably disconnected from the shift shaft on the transmission.

If I remember correctly, these cars used a goofy bolt or plastic clip to retain the shifter to the transmission shift shaft. The fastener was prone to failure. Have a look at it & let us know what you find.
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Yup, Knuckles is right, they have a stupid setup. When you find what's broken, it shouldn't be more than a few bucks at any GM dealer for the parts needed to get it working again.

Be careful about sinking a lot of greenbacks in these X car heaps. They get expensive when they are old and they were trouble prone from day 1. Just do the basics and if it starts to get heavy on the expenses, pitch it in a hearbeat for something better.

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