What is the best brand of moter oil ?????


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What is the best brand of moter oil ?????

qacker state, penzoil, valoline, shell, or havoline?

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All of equal quality.

If you change your oil regularly and use good filters, the brand is irrespective.

As long as it has the starbust logo that says "Approved for use in Gasoline Engines", it meets the minimum requirements for your vehicle. Most exceed it.

I use Havoline, Superflo, Mobil, Spectrum Plus, whatever is on sale and of acceptable quality. I change it every 3k or 3,000 miles.

My engines are spotless inside .
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Joe is right. It's not the brand, but the frequency. Change every 3k.
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Check other thread on motor oil that's running for additional info/arguments.
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ok has anyone used valvoline x-life this is the motor oil for high mileage cars also has something in it to help stop leaks would it screw up anything by clogging the valves etc. Don,
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You could surely give it a try. It shouldn't hurt at all.

I use regular 10W40 Sears Spectrum, Exxon Superflo, Havoline Formula 3 or other quality oil that's on sale in my 84 Olds and my other cars. It has 141k on the clock. It's fine. The inside of my engines are spotless

If an engine is well maintained, regular oil changed regularly will keep it going a very, very long time.

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