96 lumina minivan how to remove rear 3 plugs?


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Unhappy 96 lumina minivan how to remove rear 3 plugs?

96 lumina mini van with 3.4 v-6
service engine soon light is on. took to garage and they said it needs either wires or plugs. I have the front three changed.
How do you get to the back 3??
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lots of patience and a couple good "wigglies" (universal joints) on your extensions.....
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rear three plugs

Good advise if I could get a socket on them. I can't get my hand behind the motor or see them from the top or bottom
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From underneath or the engine has to be "rocked" forward to access them.

Pick up a repair manual from your parts store or library and it will show you how to rock the motor forward.

Basically, you use the motor mount as a pivot point to gain you more room in the back.

Guys like me with old V8 engines mounted correctly don't have this problem . All the plugs stare you in the face.

I was under the hood of my sister's 2002 Tahoe. All 8 plugs on this 5.3 stare you in the face. Lots of room. Well made!
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try reaching through the right iner fender ifits got a hole in it like baretta's and a few others do its tight and takes some patients but thats what a goodwrench tech told me
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joe is right

rear plugs on GM U-Vans are accessible from underneath the engine. They are an SOB to do without access to a hoist. Good Luck.

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