1986 Ford Taurus fuel problem


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1986 Ford Taurus fuel problem

1986 Ford Taurus, 153K miles, 6 cylinder, 3.0 liter, electric fuel pump located in tank. Haynes manual says fuel pressure should be 39 psi.
When I did a fuel pressure check ( key on/engine off) the guage initially reads 40 psi and then declines to about 8 psi within a minute. The fuel pump is very noisy and it is getting harder to start. I think I've got a pump going bad. What do you think? Should fuel pressure hold steady and not decline?
How difficult is it to replace this pump and how do you do it?
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Check the fuel pressure regulator. See if the vacuum line going to it has fuel in it. If it does, the regulator is bad.

If you have a Mityvac pump, try seating the diaphragm with the pump and see if it holds vacuum or not.

Sounds like a bad fuel pump though.
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Pulled the vacuum line going into the top of the fuel pressure regulator and there was no fuel in vacuum line. I assume that means regulator is good?
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It sounds like your on the right track a bad pump.As far as changing it out you'll have to remove the tank or at least lower it down.It's not that difficult,basically a couple of hoses to remove and the two tank straps.
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I recall the original Taurus models like this having fuel pump problems.

I remember that Ford had a fuel foaming issue on one style pump and swapped to another style as a result.

I want to say the originals were Walbros on these years, and maybe a Nippondenso or two, and the new hanger/pump assembly is a revised Nippondenso.

Fordtech will refresh my memory I'm sure .

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