Cooling problem?????


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Question Cooling problem?????

OK, I was driving home tonight in my 89 Honda Accord DX. It's a 4
cyl., 5 speed. The temp outside was around 30 degrees F, and after
about 15 minutes of driving I noticed that it was kind of weird that
I'd been driving that long and the air coming from my heater was still
ice cold. I also noticed that my engine temp was about half way up
through the range. That also is weird since at that temp I should
have plenty of heat. Well I kept going and noticed the temp rising.
It got all the way up to the top of the gauge and I pulled off on the
side of the road. At this point the heater was still blowing Ice cold

I popped the hood and felt the radiator cap. I figured with the temp
that high the cap should be hot and it wasn't. I got back in the car
and it was the same. So I shut the car off for maybe a minute, then
started it back. It looked alright so I took off to drive on home.
The heater started working right and I didn't have any major problems
out of the temp gauge. I did notice it hit the extreme low end a time
or two and try creeping up the range a few times but nothing to make
me stop again.

So could this be a thermostat, Temp sensor, or something else? All
help will be greatly appretiated. Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like you may have air trapped in the cooling system. There should be a bleeder screw near the thermostat housing. Open it & add coolant until a steady stream of coolant (no air or bubbles) comes out of the bleeder. Road test & let us know what happens.
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Thanks for the info. I checked my coolant level and it was low. So I added more coolant and bled the air from the system. Everything seems to be fine so far, but I guess only time will tell for sure. Thanks again.
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