92 ford probe trans problem


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92 ford probe trans problem

i replaced the 2.2 non-turbo engine and re-installed the auto
trans.....now, the trans does not go into reverse and when in
park and neutral, the torque converter is locked up.
i've disconnected the shift linkage and tried to select reverse
but the car moves forward???
i've double checked to see that everything is hooked up.....
any idea's?.........the trans did work before the engine swap!
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Did you install a used engine? It might not be compatible with that transmission and is causing trouble.

Need more detail on the swap and what you did. Might have been a tranny problem all along and is just worsened by this...
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the engine is used and came out of a 91 probe.
i only had the car for a couple of days, so i
don't know if there were any problems with the
trans....(it's my daughter's car) but the
previous owner say's he didn't have any problems
....the fluid is pretty dark, but it doesn't have
any unusual smell to it.
the engine runs fine....but acts like it in gear
(idle speed around 500-600 rpm)
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Drain out and refill the fluid.

It should not be dark at all. Should be pink and bright.

Might be a wiped out transmission .
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I'm not sure where you disconnected the linkage at but it should have been at the transmission,if not then disconnect it there.Move the lever to it's full extent(park)and check to make sure you've selected the right way by pushing on the car(if it's in park of course the car won't move).Then put your shifter in the park postion and reattach the linkage at the transmission.
I don't believe the torque convertor is locked up in neutral and park due to the fact if it was as soon as you tried to move the shifter it would immediatley kill the engine.
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