vibration 99 Silverado


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vibration 99 Silverado

I have a 1999 Silverado 4.8L. Just recently, I noticed a vibration while driving. Very noticeable. I first feel it at the shift around 25 mph, then very faint, then from 55-75 mph very noticeable again to be annoying. When I let off the accelerator the vibration goes away, when I give it gas again it comes back, shakes the whole truck. I think it could be U joints but don't know how to test them to see if they are bad. Truck is 1000 miles out of warranty with 37,000 miles total. Can anyone help?

Major Hamhocks
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Swap your tires front to back. See if the problem goes away or transfers itself to the back. If it does, wheel and tire related.

Check for any known bulletins that match your problems. If you find one, go to the GM dealer and make them tell you what the fix is. Also, make them eat the repair for free as a "goodwill warranty".

That's when the factory covers a repair even though the vehicle is out of warranty. It's for customer goodwill, and so you'll go buy another GM truck when the time comes because they did the right thing by you .
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james gallagher
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new universals

i had the same problem with my old 86 chev s-15 pickup , it sounds the same as what was happening to mine i had the drive shaft checked for warp or for missing weights , wasnt the prob. tried tire balancing still no good, turned out it was the universal joints, when i seen the mechanic check my u-joints he checked for movement (i.e. slack side to side & up and down) they should be tight not sloppy, hope this helps and good luck.
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Walter Stewart
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Read the vibration report on the 98 Ford. That turned out to be the drive shaft. Seems they have problems with the long shafts with extended cabs unless they use 2. My Chevy, 89 model, never had such a problem. Standard cab though. WS.
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hey guys...just a follow up to say thank you for all the advice. I wound up taking it back to the dealer and found that the U-joints had gone bad. They replaced two u-joints and honored a good will warranty. Thanks again

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Bravo! Good job.

Glad to hear they took care of it.

Score one for the General .

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