85 Mercury Grand Marquis


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Question 85 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have an 85 mercury Grand Marquis and the gas pedal keeps sticking. this morning when I was coming home from work...the car got up to 50 without me even pushing the gas pedal. I had to pratically ride the brake the entire way home. This is not the first time it has done this to me, but I have no idea how to fix it. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the cruise control, but I'm not for sure. Maybe take the fuse out for the cruise control?
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I recall that these have some problem with the throttle linkage.

My friend had one of these winners. He had the same problem. It was a linkage or clip problem. These Ford systems are pesky.

Hit your Ford dealer for an exploded view of the linkage from the parts books. Make sure you have no missing or damaged parts. If you do, order replacements from the dealer and rectify it.

I doubt it is the cruise control.
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turn signal

how do you change the light bulbs for the turn signals and the brakes on an 85 Mercury Grand Marquis? I can't figure it out...
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Lol...probably burned them out from riding the brakes so much!

Fold back the trunk liner and there should be some metal nuts or plastic wing nuts that hold the light to the body. Remove them all and the light will slide out. Then you twist each socket and they will come out. Change the bulb and reverse to install it.

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