Rules of thumb for taking care of an automobile...


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Question Rules of thumb for taking care of an automobile...

I like most people put allot of miles on a vehicle, driving 45-60 minutes to and from work everyday on the highway and in city traffic. So i ask all you experts to list your oppinions about how often to do maitenence on your vehicle such as.

oil changes
tranny flush and screen
brake work
flush radiator
spark plugs
fuel injection cleaner
etc. etc.

List anymore of importance with brand preferences for fluids ect. and how often. Just looking for generall rules of thumb to keep a car lasting years while taking a beating on the road.
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All filters once a year. Throw in a PCV valve for good measure.

Belts and hoses every four years.

For 4WD vehicles, the rear end fluid and the transfer case once a year. Ditto for posi traction vehicles.

Oil and filter, 3k or 3000 miles.

Good wash and wax at least four times a year. Armor all on all weatherstrips. Remove any debris on the body as it will ruin the paint over time.

This is all in addition to what you said. I grease my hinges and such at every oil change which is four times a year. Flush my cooling system once a year and tuneups every year or so.

Take your owner's manual. Look at "Severe service" in the maintenance schedule. If you use that as a guide and follow that, the car will last a very long time.

Use quality replacement parts when you do the work as well.
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Off subject alittle but my 1994 lesabre seems to be a little poor on acceleration and the gas pedal sometimes seems hard. Will putting in some fuel injector cleaner and high octane gas help this problem as i just put in a new throttle possition sensor a few months back as the metal hook that catches had broken off of it....
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Nope, no fix in a can. Keep that stuff on the shelf. Techtron is about the best "fix in a can", but I don't use any of that stuff.

If the throttle feels stiff, the cable or linkage might be kinked or bad or dry. Check out the throttle action with the engine off and on. See how it compares.

If I recall, your car was burning transmission fluid. That might have wiped out the cat. converter over time. A mechanic can check for a bad converter with a temperature probe or a back pressure gauge.

Run a code check through my post "The Basics" or Knuckles website.
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This is strange as its like my brakes, the do this most of the time but then some days they are both fine...

Perhaps im just picky, i like my cars to work perfect and if one little thing is off i want it fixed.
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Also i was having this problem with the vacuum modulator and burning tranny fluid for probally 4 months before it got fixed so i imagine the c. converter is likely.....
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Ok, let us know what you find.

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