85 Caravan--2.2 ltr--Backfires


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85 Caravan--2.2 ltr--Backfires

Have 85 caravan---re-built engine (37,000 mi). Has auto zone rebuilt carb (6 mo old)...new wires--new spark plugs..new filters (all)----coil (one yr old)----new battery (4 mo)---new dist cap & rotor (4 mo).

Well , with all new parts there, still got a back-fire prob. Car starts and runs great. When I am on freeway, Give it full excelleration (without using passing gear), then let off gas quickly, durn thing backfires through the exhaust, not the carb. I have checked the timing (is always correct). Have adjusted needle valves on carb. Can do nuttin to make this beast quit backfiring. Again, only does it when you accelerate fully and let up quickly.

The only thing that I might have overlooked is probs with the cat converter, although its only one year old. But 2.2 dodge engines have a history of burning up converters.

Give me some help please...this animal is gunna drive me crazy!
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Whoa Nelley..step away from the Caravan.....Lol.

Don't sink a lot of greenbacks in this old heaper. It's simply not worth it. You've spent a considerable amount already. As you've alluded to, the 2.2 Caravan is a winner....

That being said, how's the compression? Might have a burned valve. Those carburetors are also the pits, and worse yet when they are parts store rebuilts. They are generic cores and not really specific for that vehicle and year and emission combination, but they "work".

Vehicles do not burn up converters unless there is a mechanical/fuel problem causing them to overheat and break down. The carburetor and mechanical condition should have been rectifed BEFORE replacing the converter or you'll do it all over again .
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I think you will find that you have a fuel problem. Like Joe said, the generic brand rebuilt carbs aren't too good. Sounds to me like you're running rich, loading the exhaust with raw fuel. Is choke fully opening? Float level, adjusing screws, wrong carb #s, etc... could cause this. Check the timing to be sure it's not retarded. I don't remember if the 2.2 had a decel valve or not, but worth a look. Air filter clean? Keep us posted!

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