Locating the coil


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Locating the coil

I can't seem to locate the ignition coil on my 93 Plymouth Colt Vista SE, 2.4 liter engine. Does anybody know where it is supposed to be?
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If your distributor cap has five wires going to it, the middle one is the coil wire. Follow to where it ends. That's the coil.

What's the actual problem? Coils don't go bad that often.
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Deja vu, Joe. Is this coil month? Just had same type q about a week ago!
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This is a Mitsubishi in disguise. I wouldn't put it past them .
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Cant find the coil

Joe, i don't have 5 wires or, your right, it would have been easy. There are only the plug wires and then theres a plug coming out the side of the dist cap that goes into a cable like thing, and gets lost behind a bunck of stuff. I tried to trace it to the coil and cant seem to find it unless coils in the mitsubishi's look like something else. Anyway, the cat won't start, and i'm not gettin a spark at the plug. i changed the cap and rotor. So I thought maybe it was the coil. Thanks for u'r help so far.

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Give your Chrysler dealer's parts department a call and find the location in a jiffy.

Check my post "The Basics" for more ideas. Might be the module/igniter. Probably not the coil.

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