Throws itself out of 5th gear -


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Question Throws itself out of 5th gear -

New question -

Car number 3 has issues too

'89 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo
2.5 lt, 4 cyl, standard tran
130K miles

Yes, I know... but we bought it to drive to death, unfortunately it's already halfway in the ground...

After driving the car at 70 mph for approximately 30 miles the car will often throw itself out of 5th gear.

Quick fix: drop to 4th for a 1/4 mile, double clutch back in to 5th and hope. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it pops right back out..

It always grinds into 5th if you don't double clutch...

We bought the car private party, test drove it for 3 hours and noticed no issues with the transmission, until we had driven about 200 miles on it and most of which were high speed highway miles.

We asked the previous owner if in all honesty, he'd ever noticed anything before of the like.. He said no, but then again, he never drove it out of the city, above 55 mph...

Any ideas?
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Check the linkage for problems.

Usually, this is an internal problem, but a bad clutch could be to blame.

Last time it had a clutch done?
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Don't really know... Clutch seems to be riding a bit high -

I suppose it wouldn't hurt, along with a rebuild on the tranny...

Somebody mentioned the throw out bearing or the clutch release bearing? Are they the same?

We're simply trying to spend as little on this car as possible...
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The throwout bearing, yes.

You change the disc, pressure plate and throwout bearing as a kit when you do the clutch. This prevents any problems.

A clutch should be about 350 on this model. If the rest of the car is in good shape, go for it.

A Turbo 2.5 at this mileage is on borrowed time.

If you have to come high off of the pedal to get it moving in gear, the clutch is worn/out of adjustment.

Have a trans. shop drive it. They can tell in a jiffy what needs to be done.

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