1976 Toyota Longbed Brake Lights!


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1976 Toyota Longbed Brake Lights!

Hi... I'm having trouble with the brakes lights on my truck. Here are the symptoms:

1. If all lights are off and brake is pressed, brake lights function.
2. If all lights are off, brake is pressed, and turn signal is switched on, turn signal locks and stays on while brake and signal lights dim considerably.
3. If parking lights are on and brake is pressed, rear parking lights go off, brake lights don't go on, and both sets of turn signals in rear go on. Turn signals do not function.

It looks like the whole set of rear parking lights are much dimmer than the front set when parking lights are turned on. My first thought was that it was a shorted out wire, but the weirdest thing is number 3. You have the parking lights on... and the rear turn signal lights turn on in unison when the brake is pressed, as if they somehow switched over to the brake light circuit.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance! - Mark
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Probably a rotten ground or bad wiring on Japanese iron this old.

Get a hold of a wiring diagram from a repair manual and proceed from there. Try the local library or parts store.

Let us know what you find.
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if your truck is wired for a trailer plug, check there.....these are classic symptoms of bad trailer wiring....
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Very true, good point .

Recall that we had the same thing last week.

However, with the original poster leaving out these details, we have to guess

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