best used mid-size car to buy?


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Tow Guy;
When all of the old R-wheel drive GMs are gone, Joe is going to have to but a Camry and drive it backward. LOL
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Joe will make SURE there are ALWAYS GM rear drivers on the road .

Lol. That and GM is coming back out with rear drive again in a few years on cars .

Sorry Sam
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Ditto; unfortunately it's getting harder and harder to buy anything besides FOOD that's made in the USA. At least the Camry is assembled here.

And Joe, I do confess I actually owned a GM product; my second car was a 1964 Buick Special with a 300 cube V-8. Great car - it was in practically mint condition and I paid $275 for it in 1973 (which was a lot of money at the time; I was a PFC at the time and my base pay was $312 a month!).
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Several years back, the Ford Crown Vic (rear wheel drive by the way) was classified as an imported car, even though it was assembled in the US. The reason was that the majority of it's content was made in Canada. I guess that technically it would still be "American" made. (We US citisens tend to forget there are other Americans)
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I consider Canadian made stuff as American.

Canada is part of the continent of North America.

I have a Husky/Home Depot toolbox that is made there. That thing is HEAVY DUTY! Lol. Thick metal compared to my Craftsman one (the newer one). The old 1960 era box I have, now that is HEAVY DUTY.

Guys: Look for me in the March 2002 Craftsman Club newsletter. I'm featured there with this 1960 Craftsman mechanic's toolbox I restored. I won a contest with Sears.

You all know the deal. I got it for 50 bucks at a yard sale and completely restored it. Bought parts from their original vendor (Waterloo Industries). Had a machinist friend at work make parts, fixed other parts, etc, etc.

Hope you enjoy the story and picture.


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