Idles to low


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Question Idles to low

I have a 1991 Oldsmobile Cieria 3.3 Ltr. motor about 150,00 mi.
Recently had a problem with the car IT WOULD STALL AT EVERY STOP and every time you let off the gas no idle at all.
Replaced the Throttle Positioning Sensor Believe that took care of that problem but know I am unable to get the car to idle right it seema that with the slightest movement of the TPI ( Am making adjustment with battery disconected) get such a difference in how it idles move one way does not idle at all barely starts move again to high adjusted several times with no luck. Is this something that I am doing wrong?
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Could be a number of things.

See my signature file for how to pull your trouble codes.

Let us know what you find..
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I pulled the codes and got a 22 code states TPS under .24 volts when ignition is on. Then went and bought Chiltons repair manual
and did the voltage check that the book states to do less than 1.25 voltes at closed throttle and 5 voltes at open throttle.
here is where the problem is the reading that I get is 4.6 voltes at closed and down to zero at open assuming that the book is right then my new TPS is faulty right??
At closed throttle am unable to adjust so that voltage is less than 4.6 voltes.
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Sounds like it. Get a Delco or GM part or quality aftermarket part and give it a whirl.

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