88 prk. ave. buick


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Question 88 prk. ave. buick

3.8 eng. misses and hesitates sometimes when u give it the gas. have replaced plugs,wires, fuel filter, coil pac, etc. sometimes it runs ok, then will start jumping, if u give it the floor it may smooth out for a while. have to run in D or keep the RPMs up most of the time.??????
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I had what seems to be the same problem with a mazda 626. Does it run rough when climbing a long hill? I had replaced lots of parts and eventually thought it might be a clogged catatytic converter. The worst thing about it was that it idled fine so I couldnt just open the hood and troubleshoot it in park. Then a teenager smashed me from behind and the car was totaled......one of the happiest days of my life

Possibly you might have a clogged exaust system or bad egr valve or something related to it. Do you ever get a bad smell when its running rough?

I wish you lots of luck. When you get it fixed, please post what the problem was.
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Roger Smith was the President of GM at one time, you do know that, right? .


That being said, a bad mass air flow sensor will do this. While the engine is running, rap on it with the end of a screwdriver handle. If the car misses or wants to stall, the sensor is bad. Replace it.

Common problem on these.

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