VW Jetta Power Windows Part II


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Exclamation VW Jetta Power Windows Part II


I thank those of you who have replied to my first message (power windows stopped working), your help is most appreciated. Upon further investigation (process of elimination) my reverse lights do not work. This means it is a blown fuse. I located the fuse, and replaced it. As soon as I turn the key to power up my car, it blows again. I am planning on bringing it to someone, as it appears I have an electrical problem. This is my first car, how do I know I'm not getting ripped off? Any price estimates from the experienced?

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Tough to say.

Depends on:

1) How long it takes them to find the problem.
2) What needs to be done to fix the problem.
3) If the parts needed are dealer items or parts store items.

That's the one thing I hate about foreign cars. When they break, they tend to soak you pretty good . I personally don't think they are all they are cracked up to be.

Get an estimate from the guy and let us know. I'll tell you if I think it's reasonable or not in my belief.
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what do you have against imports ? some of the worst electrical nightmares have come out of detroit . the reason the cost is so high on these is there are to many techs with thier heads stuck under the hoods of sae dinosaurs and dont have a clue about modern technology
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For each his own.

I can tell ya I spend HALF the money yearly maintaining my old stuff.

Mechanics that are in the trade will tell you that old cars like the GMs are simple, reliable, easy to fix and do the same thing as the fancy imports and domestics....they get you from A to B.

Old and large barges are not like for everyone, but to say they are not reliable...well, I've got a string of old GM's with 150k plus with ORIGINAL electrical components.

The reason things are so high on imports:

1) The parts come from various countries. Newsflash: My sister's VW Jetta is made in Mexico. So are half the parts. Yet you pay European prices.

2) The value of their money wavers more than ours does.

3) Transportation costs of parts and items.

4) Taxes and the like.

Nothing wrong with imports, just not the best thing since sliced bread as many folk have them out to be.

Also not as "trouble free" as people think. That's the fallacy.

Now onto this posters trouble.

Where do we stand with the repair?

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