Attn: Fordtech. Taurus woes. Lol


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Attn: Fordtech. Taurus woes. Lol

Here's a couple for ya Fordtech.

93 and 96 Taurus, both are 3.0 liters, SOHC vin U motors. My cousin owns both of these gems, err, I mean, cars.

96 Taurus. I need to flush the cooling system. It is full of junk. Yuck! I will hit the Alldata tomorrow at work and the Microcat parts system for Ford. What is the coolant replacement procedure? Let me know of any pitfalls Alldata might not furnish. I know this had an air pocket. The radiator cap blew out in 12 pieces into the reservoir and I got the call to arms at 8:00 tonight. Put a new 16lb Stant cap on (just like the original) but will need to flush the system for him this weekend.

Your input on that one greatly appreciated.

93 Taurus. Cousin had Pepboys change the belt (My uncle knows the CEO of the company...). They did, and the next day (today), the belt shredded. They said it needed a new harmonic balancer. Fine. Cousin paid them to do that and put another belt on. They were supposed to make good on the labor, but it didn't happen tonight.

On the way home, smelled a lot of smoke. Got the car home, oil puddle in the driveway. Hmmm. I believe they may have damaged either 1) the oil pressure switch, or 2) the crankshaft seal. Initially, I thought it migh be the paint burning off the new part, but then I saw the puddle and said "Can't be good".

Again, I will check the Microcat (this is the dealer's parts system for Ford I have at work...same information as the CPD system) and the Alldata and OE books, but I thought I would get your Ford-opinion.

I'm glad I own old GM, that's all I've got to say.

And yes, the tranny on the 96 slips even though it was rebuilt once before. Lol. TowGuy is there nodding his head in agreement.

I believe tomorrow I will be on the phone with my uncle, my cousin (father of this cousin) and the CEO of PepBoys as my uncle knows him quite well from what I gather. I guess I'll be asked to fax over the information and furnish my .02.

Remember, I'm doing all this in the blind at 9:00 pm without any books or my Alldata printouts at my side .


Thanks boss...
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Joe, as far as the 93 model i'd have to agree with you they probably damaged the crank seal.
On the 96 3.0l there is a TSB(not sure of the #),where you need to install a bypass kit if it hasn't already been done,there were even a few of them that they recalled so you might check,or if you post the VIN # i can check it for you.
The ones that need the bypass kit usually come into the shop with really rusty looking coolant,probably what you've seen right!.
If you need any other info just let me know.
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Sure, Thanks Fordtech.

I'll get you the Vin #. Please check it out for me.

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Howdy Fordtech,

The vin # is 1FALP52U0TA226792

1996 Taurus, 3.0 SOHC.

Please let me know what your system finds.

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Howdy Joe!! Sorry it took so long to respond but i didn't get a chance last evening to get on here.I ran the # and there are no recalls on that vehicle but there is a TSB.
TSB#01-11-06.coolant bypass kit.
Part#'s f8az-19a503-aa cleaner
fw-16 coolant conditioner
f7dz-8522-ab Bypass kit
1f1z-8501-aa water pump

I figure you can bring it up on Alldata but listed part #'s just in case.To inspect to see if it's been done yet,follow the top heater hose as it comes off the water pump it should branch off before entering the firewall and run to the back side of the engine.If the hose goes straight into the firewall the kit hasn't been installed.
You mentioned the car overheated and most of the time when this happens the impellers have been corroded off of the water pump which in turn as you may guess causes NO circulation.
Well,hope this helps!!.
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Thumbs up

Yahoo for Fordtech.

I will have a lookie see. Tomorrow morning!

I'll advise. Thanks a bunch chief.

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Hiya Fordtech,

Checked the 96 Ford today, no bypass kit for sure. My cousin has a mini network in his house, so we printed out this post and took your advice.

I picked up a stat and gasket from my local Ford dealer and we will tackle it tomorrow or next Saturday.

We ordered a radiator for his wife's 93 today, and changed that. I got what appeared to be a Visteon/Ford radiator (had a sticker with a Ford # on the bottom).

Got that, two hoses, and the tranny cooler fittings for 151 bucks, my cost . Pep Boys wanted 275 to install a new radiator, no new hoses, and they said they could do it in three hours. It took us closer to four.

The silliest thing was that the fan and housing have to be twisted to come out, that was a PITA and the tranny cooler lines are in such terrible spots that they took 45 minutes to remove. They broke loose easily, but you can only turn the flare wrench (13mm) a quarter turn due to everything being in the way.

That is one heap that thing . Seemed ok. Had heat and seemed to be in the normal operating range. My cousin will keep an eye on it. He hasn't worked on his own car in 10 years. Lol.

We will do the 96 Taurus soon. Any tips to watch out for? What sealant for the gasket? I'll look it up at work, but I know you can save me the trouble.

Also, should I tell my cousin to make a phone call to Ford (my uncle knows the fleet folks there quite well) to see if they will eat this repair due to us finding a TSB? Your thoughts?

Thanks again,
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Well a phone call can't hurt,but you could probably be done wtih the car by the time Ford decides if it wants to help or not.
Not really any big tricks that i'm aware of on the 96 one.The main
thing is( after you've got her flushed out) you'll see in the kit a small bullet shaped valve that will be put into one of the small intake coolant ports.I usually start pushing it in by hand and then just take a punch and finish it.The main thing is don't forget to put it in or you'll have the same problems later on.
I also agree with you on the earlier models the radiators(especially the lines)are a pain!!.
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Thanks again.

I'll look at the Alldata and see what the procedure they give and check out the part numbers as you stated.

The '93 Taurus radiator was tight to work with, but once we put our heads together it went fine. The new one went in easier than the old one came out. It was pretty straightforward.

I'll advise. Thanks again!

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