rebuilding a suburu


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rebuilding a suburu

I have a 1987 suburu wagon and am considering having it rebuilt..what would the cost be and is it worth it........
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Depends on the extent of the rebuilt and what is needed.

Subarus of this vintage have low book values and are rough and crude.

Pitch it for something more modern, safer and in better shape.

My .02
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sportster pete
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great cars

as long as the car has no rot (problem for them) maybe a used engine would be cheaper i have had 4wd wagons go over 350,000 with no problems they just rotted away
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Subarus get major rust when they get old rendering them virtual dust.

Exhaust problems with the expensive pipe they have ruin them as well as being crude, rough and expensive to fix when they get old.

I say pitch it and step up to something better and more modern. Not worth the expense to rebuild it. You'll never get your money back
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my sub has absolutely NO RUST......:
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Your call .

If you want to restore it because you like it, great.

Monetarily it's not worth it, nor will you get the book value back Do it because you like the car and feel it will be reliable for you.

For each his/her own, I would have pitched the Subaru long ago . Too strange for me.
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I know how you feel about Subarus... Something about them, until you've owned one you can't expect anyone who hasn't to understand. I'm personally on my fourth one and all of them have had at least 200K on them. They're right about the rust though. Too bad they couldn't have got together with John DeLorian (spelling), LOL...
Seriously though keep us posted on your progress,
and Boogaloo Subaru!!!!!!!!!
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The old horizontially opposed sub 4 bangers did seem weird at first--then after 200,000 you change your tune. Yes, I have owned one of this--an '86 GL I believe. You had to fight the rust--but they were/are well enginered machines. My friend is a test engineer at Ford in Dearborn--He only drives Subaru!! I can't tell you if they are hard to work on--I never turned a wrench on mine. But, I would say that if yours has no rust then go head and fix it. What is wrong with it?? Joe is right I would not "restore" one--but I would drive the ____ out of it!!
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We worked on an 85 Subaru that the lady owned from new.

The exhaust pipe only, 400 bucks or so.

At 50k it leaked more oil than was in the crankcase.

The spare tire was rotted to the point of being nothing more than a fixture by 1990. It's in the engine compartment.

It was rough, crude and strange. The lady junked it by 1991 she was so fed up with the horrific quality it exhibited.

My friend's mother had a 1990 Loyale. We took it to Yankee Stadium. Steve was flat to the floor and it was screaming at 60 mph. Steve's mom got it at an estate sale as part of the deal. It was wiped in a few years.

The yard in PA that I frequent (it's huge) has a ton of them there. They are all rotten and junk

Depends on your experience, but I would rather have a Toyota if we are talking small and foreign.

My .02

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