Swapping Enigines


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Question Swapping Enigines

I am driving a 1978 F250 Ranger XLT, 2WD. It has a big block 400. I have a straight 6, 300 cubic inch engine from a 1975 Ford E150 Econoline van that gets MUCH better gas mileage. On the presumption that the bell housing bolts line up, are there going to be any problems with putting the six into the pickup?
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Antony W. Serio
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I could be mistaken here, but there may be emissions issues in puting an engine from a '75 in a '78 truck. Also, an F250 is a decent sized truck, and with only a straight 6 it may not have enough power to get out of it's own way, especially with any kind of load in the bed.
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I agree. Not to mention most 70's Ford engines are emission nightmares and carbureted disasters .

You're going to create a slow stone that actually will use MORE fuel from being underpowered by swapping in the 6.

Stay with your V8 or pitch the truck for a more modern one with a smaller engine and fuel injection. Frankly, the fuel mileage isn't THAT much better on a newer truck.
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Don't listen to them the 300 six is an incredible engine. They were common in fullsize fords 2 and 4 wheel drive. Your F250 2wd is lighter than an F150 4wd! I believe the 300 six is a far superior truck engine than the 302v8. But they are right you will not see much improvement in gas consumption compared to a small block--but a big block--yes you will!
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Oh cmon, not with that stinky Carter 1 barrel leaker on there .

Can it be done? Yes. Is it worth it? No. Lot has to be changed to do it right.

The other engine is probably in a poor state of tune or condition to warrant poor gas mileage.

None of these Ford engines were great on fuel.
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I appreciate the input, y'all. But my L6 has NO emissions on it! No cat converter, no air pump, no nothing. Come to think of it, neither does the big block. I was mainly concerned with the motor mounts lining up, and the wiring. The exhaust system will be no problem. I'm curious as to what Joe F. said about a lot having to be changed. My L6 gets about 18 mpg. My 400 gets about 8. In my opinion, it'd be worth the effort, if it'd fit right in. And there's nothing wrong with my little Carter!
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It is technically illegal to use an older engine in a newer car since it alters the emission standards.

You are driving a 1978 truck that meets 1975 standards, not 1978 standards. But, that's your issue .

Batteries might be a different side, radiator outlets in different spots, linkages differ, fan shrouds, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. .

When I do a swap, it has to look like the OE made it that way.

The 400 engine in the 301 Turbo T/A that someone gave me is such a swap. It is Pontiac V8 for Pontiac V8 .

This is Ford V8 for Ford inline 6.

And yes, the Carter carbs were pesky back then, but simple. They stalled, leaked and hiccuped to no end. Ford vascillated between Holley and Carter depending on the option, and even had their own design (Loosely based on the Holley) but they were all terrible .

Something's wrong with that 400 if you are getting 8. Check the EPA website. What was it rated originally? That should be your target.

No way I would swap a 6 where there was an 8, them's fighting words . But that's me. Lol.

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