z-71 problem


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z-71 problem

driving truck for about 2 minutes and noticed steering became very difficult. red battery light on dash came on then temp gauge went high and check gauges light popped on. stopped truck and allowed truck to set for 10 minutes started again and problems still the same stopped truck again. any ideas? should i try and drive it for repair or have it towed in?
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first place to look would be at the serpentine belt driving all your accessories......I think you'll find yours is missing......
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I agree. Your belt came off, and for a reason. They don't just come off unless they're in terrible shape and break. Check the tensioner...it may be broken or gone. If it's ok, check your pulleys for breaks, looseness, bends, etc... Let us know how it goes!
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you all were right! had the belt replaced about 1 week ago. guess it was not done right. Could this have caused any bad damage. I only drove a mile or 2 after the problems started but the temp did get to around 240. thanks for your help
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if the temp only got to 240 you shouldn't have done any damage....check your power steering fluid level, check your amp gauge to make sure it's charging, turn on A/C to make sure it's functioning, you should be good to go......
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Nah, probably didn't do any damage. That's a good old iron V8 in there. The best there is

These guys all have it right. I agree with what they've stated.

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