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Question Brakes


I am experiencing a problem with the brakes on a 1995 Corolla. Actually, I have been experiencing brake problems since 1995! It seems the brakes on this car make numerous noises: squealing, grinding, vibrating, you name it. I have brought it in numerous times over the years and most of the time, nothing is needed. I am just told that my car just makes these noises. I have spent a lot of time over the years trying to get the thing fixed to no avail.

It just so happens it's doing it again. I almost think there is a connection between the moises and moisture since it has been wet here for the past few days. It squeals and grinds a ton. The squealing occurs both when the brake is on and when it's off--but not ALL the time. The grinding happens when the brakes are on. It happens almost all the time going slow (up to 35 mph) and rarely, if ever, on the highway. I have attempted a couple times, when nobody is behind me, to just slam on the brakes and the noises don't happen and the car stops nicely.

This is driving me nuts! Does anybody have any suggestions?!?!
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First of all, use Toyota pads if you are not already.

Toyota has made numerous supersessions and changes to the material since 1995 due to enviornmental and performance issues.

Make sure you have the latest and greatest part numbers on your car.

How are the rotors? Condition? Mileage on this car? Why didn't you address it with the dealer in 1995? If you did, what did they say or do about the problem?

Did you check for any known bulletins or recalls on your problem?

Let us know what you find.
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Thanks for your input. I have around 70,000 miles on the car. The rotors were changed about a year-and-a-half ago. They wore normally. I did address the problem but every time I brought the stupid thing in, I was told that everything was working fine. I even brought it to garages other than a Toyota garage. There were a couple of times I was positive I needed brakes and the rotors were worn away to nothing and warped like a dog's hind leg. Both times I was told that everything's fine. That was from two different places.
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Again, Toyota has updated parts, so give that a whirl.

What does Alldata say about any recalls or bulletins?

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