1981 Ply Reliant stalling


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Exclamation 1981 Ply Reliant stalling

I just got this car. It idles INCREDIBLY fast when starting up, then bottoms out after it warms up. Will stall whenever the gas is let off. Help. Please.
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Check my post "The Basics".

Engine size? Don't sink a lot of green into these old K cars, the early ones were problematic.
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1981 ply reliant

am not sure of engine size. It's a 4 cyl. has 51,000 original miles, but was left standing for a long while. Have to fix for work. No options on another vehicle for awhile, just got back to work after a long layoff. Was thinking it coud be the tps, but don't where it is or how to adjust. the idle screw is in an impossible position for screwdriver or ratchet.
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Special tools required for adjustment on those carburetors. Any auto parts store has them, many companies make them.

Suggest you pick up a repair manual at your parts store or library before diving in.

These have pesky Holley carbs on the 2.2L and the 2.6's have Mukuni as I remember. Both engines are pesky .

Also check the general tune of the engine. Change all fluids and filters and give it a good tune up if it sat.

Again, if it takes more than the basics to get it rolling, pitch it. Better cars are out there that are more reliable than this "nice Reliant Automobile" (as the lottery song goes..lol)
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Thanx for the info. the car was basically free, from one of the plant managers. Gonna be awhile till I can get something else. appreciate the help though. It's a holley carb, so guess that tells me the engine size. are there any other filters besides the oil air and fuel I should pay attention to?
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If I had a million dollars.....

Tune up the whole thing.

Plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PCV, oil, air, gas filter.

Check and change the vacuum lines.

Adjust the carburetor to match the specs in the manual. Again they are pesky and troublesome.
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Thank you for your advice. Thought I was the only person who knew Nilsson.
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Ok, sure. Let us know how you make out with the "Nice Reliant Automobile" . Lol.

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