1993 wrangler heater?


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Question 1993 wrangler heater?

I have a 1993 jeep wrangler. Last year I had a stereo put in the dash. Since then each time it rains or if I go through a carwash, when I turn the car left or right, water comes spilling out from under the dash on both the passenger and driver. Now I have no heat. It just blows cold air out. How can I check if its the thermostat, hetaer core, motor, etc. Is there any connection between the water accumulating and the heater not working?
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The leak is probably a bad seal or a rot hole somewhere. Jeep bodies turn to dust in a jiffy and they have poor sealing quality. It's mainly because they are simple and crude vehicles.

As for the heat problem, make sure the cooling system is full and the coolant is in good shape. If not, dump it, flush it, change the stat and refill it.

If no heat still at this point, feel your heater hoses If they are warm, the problem is inside with the vent door. If not, the problem is in the cooling system.

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