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Question Re:Group 7 Oil Filters?

Thanks for your reply,but I thought Purolator made good filters,they've been making them since 1923??
I realize AC-Delco is original equipment,but who makes them?
to me the quality is unknown???They could change suppiers anytime?
Much like the "Super-Tech oil filters sold at Wal-Mart?Who makes them,and are they any good?
Or do you still think it's safer using original equipment filters?
Is Wix brand good,I know they cost more?
Thanks again,Charlie
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GM makes the filters. As far as I know they still do. And you won't find a non-Delco filter on a GM vehicle, excepting maybe a heavy duty vehicle. They designed the car, they know best. I use original filters on the car. Cheap insurance and sometimes on sale, they are CHEAPER than the so called "premium filters".

There have been numerous oil filter studies done. Go to and look it up. Most of them rate Delco quite high, and the price is quite reasonable.

Purolator has been taken over many times. Group 7 filters are ok for most applications, but I have seen many cars in the yards with Group 7 filters screwed on them . They are mostly for lube shops and mechanics to stock something decent at a cheap price.

Wix is fine, but overpriced. I believe they rebox a lot of their stuff as well.

Case in point: A Delco gas filter for my Saturn is 12 bucks. Everyone else is 20 bucks at my discounted cost. The Delco part is EXACTLY like the Saturn except the bracket has to be reused.

Which would you go with ?
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hey joe just seel ac delco or gm parts???/ no ac \gm parts are one makes a great filter personally K&N has the best filter...little high but me have a stable of 4 oval track cars we really try to make our engines last.....oh joe 3 are gmc... one a ford... don`t
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No, check my profile.

I use Delco parts and aftermarket. In some cases, nothing like the originals. In some cases, no different.
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Oil filters

to find out about oil filters go to google and type in: oil filter study the guy who did this did a great job he spent a lot of time on it you might have to try a couple of links to find it. let me know what you think.
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Oil filters

going by the oil filter study the basic rule is anything but a Farm or as they call it the F word. Two of the best are wix and pureolator.
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Wix interally is a Baldwin if I remember the study you probably saw on the internet.

It's on some Mini Mopar site and done by a guy with an engineering background that did the test on all the part #s he could buy for his 2.2 Chrysler.

Still a good and interesting study. I liked it. Some Fram engineer chimed into his site as well with his comments about their quality.

I stick with Delco for the GM most times .

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