79 chevy 305


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Question 79 chevy 305

i bought a 79 305 and put it in a 86 cutlass but when i crank it it idels rough and stalls when i put it in gear or stop i thought i may have a vacuum leak but it get worse when i put it gear. please help thanks
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Why would you put a Chevy V8 like that in an Oldsmobile ?

The 307 Olds motor that came in this car originally (if it was a V8) is far better than a 1979 305 engine.

These year 305 engines suffer from soft cams, weak valves and lots of trouble. When they are rebuilt, aftermarket parts which are vastly improved help things out. That could be part of your trouble. If it's valve train trouble, pitch that 305 and put a 307 Olds or find a car so equipped. These Cutlasses are excellent cars. Stay away from the V6 equipped ones, they are heaps.

Lots of things could cause you concern.

1) When was the last time it was tuned up?
2) When was the last time the carbuetor was rebuilt?
3) Any vacuum leaks? Go through all the vacuum lines and replace any that are missing, cracked or brittle.
4) Check the operation of the choke. The choke flap opens about 1/8" of inch when the car first starts and gradually opens. When the car is fully warmed up, the choke is vertical (straight up and down).

Check these few things and let us know what you find.
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Hey Joe. I tend to disagree with you(a bit) about the 305. I've got an 81 Malibu wagon as a daily driver. I've owned it for 6 years and it has almost a 138,000 miles on the original motor. I'm the 3rd owner and the last owner used it for a courier service car for a year so it has seen some heavy duty use. It still runs like a dream although it's rated at a whopping 145 HP it's not exactly fast. (Glacier like acceleration comes to mind) If it was gonna give up the ghost anytime soon I'd drop a 350 or a stroker motor in it in a minute but It'll probably go for another 6 years before it needs any attention.
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Ah, but 1981 305's are not 1979 305's .

1979 305's have soft cams and valve train troubles. My grandfather's 1979 Caprice 305 started acting up around 110k with those troubles. I was going to rebuild the engine and it was futile as he was retiring and didn't have use for the car anymore. I sold it to a guy and made a profit as he was using it for parts and needed a whole clip .

Having owned, and worked on the 305's and 307's of this vintage, hands down the Oldsmobile V8 is a smoother, more fuel efficient and quieter design than the 305. I like the Pontiac V8's of course as they are simple and unique, yet parts are all over for them too .

I'd expect that from a Chevy moderator . Lol.

I like the 305, it's an OK engine, but its divisional brothers are better in my belief .

My .02
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hey before ya knock the 79...there are a few out there that came with 58cc heads...2.02 valves...great on dirt track\stip...
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But terrible in reliability and stock form.

An aftermarket (stock replacement) cam kit, lifters and upper half will make it run like a champ. The 1979 era factory parts were problematic.

My grandfather's 1979 Caprice was on its second upper half. My dad's company owned it from when it was new in ' 79 and by the time my grandad got it, there were 78k racked up.

It had a lot of work done. That was one good and reliable car. It always started, was a breeze to fix and parts were cheap and plentiful.

I think I did a timing chain, gears, water, fuel pumps, hoses and belts and tuneup for under a 100 bucks in parts. That was in 1991. The car ran another 5 trouble free years after that. Then the cam baloney started. My grandfather retired so I sold the car as he told me he didn't want me to waste time rebuilding it. I would have fixed the body too, but my grandfather wanted me to sell it.

I sold it to a guy with another 79 Caprice for parts. He wiped his nose out on his in an accident. I was out for a walk and put a note on his car. About three months later he was arrested for driving without a license.

I made him sign every paper in the world when I turned the car over to him .
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hey i didn`t say the 305 was any good...lol the only use i`ve found for any 305 block and usually heads is to take up space in my shop corner...anyone needing a 305?? have several
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I would hate to see what those heads look like in a race car when you take 'em with 100k miles on them from a junker. Lol!
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lots of machine work...porting, polishing new guides ya know the routine...lol new valves new springs....oh and try 2.08 or even 2.1s.... how many 350s do ya know puttin out 750ish hp on gas no nitro? (at flywheel... )

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