Idle Problem 97 Chevy K1500


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Question Idle Problem 97 Chevy K1500

Just purchased a 97 Chevy K1500 pick-up. Overall is in great shape with 41000 miles. Has two problems though. One, it has a 5 speed manual trans and I notice when I shift gears the engine does not idle down right away. I can depress the clutch and if the engine was operating at, say, 1400 rpm's it stays there for 6 or 7 seconds before dropping to about 800 at idle. Even with the clutch engaged and traveling at speed (any speed) I can take my foot off the accelerator and it stays at speed for some time, almost like it is on cruise control. Any ideas?
Also, there is a fairly high pitched whine coming from the gas tank. I believe it to be the in-tank fuel pump. Though I'm a fair do it yourself mechanic would like some guidance whether this is a fairly straight forward remove/replace or if this best left to the dealer/experienced shop to do (hate to spend the $500 the local Chevy dealer wants).
Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.
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Engine size?

Racing like that is usually indicative of a dirty or bad idle air control valve.

Get a repair manual for your truck before attempting to repair it to guide you through the diagnostics.
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Not sure about the "racing" mine is an auto--but the whinning from the tank is normal for that truck!

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