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GM Dex Cool

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02-04-02, 05:13 PM   #1  
GM Dex Cool

I have a 2001 Blazer LS 2dr. This is the first car I've ever had with Dex-Cool for the coolant. I went to Pep Boys to pick some up. The only "GM Dex-Cool approved" coolant they had was Havoline Long Life. My question is this. I've heard a lot of horror stories involving dex-cool and the Blazers. Should I only buy the coolant from the dealer (at an arm and a leg)or should I risk it with the Havoline? I love my truck, seems much better than my 96 Explorer and I'd hate to hurt my baby with crappy coolant of all things. Thanks.

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02-04-02, 07:07 PM   #2  

You'll be fine with the Havoline brand Dex-Cool. In fact, Texaco (Havoline) manufactures Dex Cool for GM. The stuff from the dealer is the same stuff you'll find in an autoparts store under the Havoline label.

The biggest problem with Dex-Cool is that people believe GM's "long life" claims. Time has shown that these claims simply aren't true. Treat your car as if it were equipped with conventional coolant. That is, flush your cooling system every 3 years or 30K miles to prevent problems. Refill with fresh Dex-Cool.

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02-04-02, 07:49 PM   #3  
I agree. Dexcool is factory fill for GM on many vehicles.

I don't buy it. I drain my cooling system every year and use Peak, Prestone or Havoline green stuff.

Cheap enough at 3 bucks a gallon (on sale at most retailers) and my cooling systems stay in good shape for a very long time.

Fact is the coolant doesn't wear out, the additives do and it gets chemically changed.

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02-05-02, 08:39 AM   #4  
You can replace Dex-cool with the Havoline - it's the same stuff.

If your vehicle came with the orange stuff and it is still under warranty, replace it with the orange stuff. If you put the regular (green) anti-freeze in it, it will void the warranty. Had this happen to a friend of mine. Has a '99 Blazer that he flushed out the radiator and added the regular anti-freeze. Last month he took it in under warranty for a bad water pump & GM wouldn't pay for the repair because he had the green anti-freeze in it. Even called GM Corporate to complain with no luck.

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02-06-02, 08:00 PM   #5  
sportster pete
must agree the orange dex cool or equivelant is designed for newer cars with narower cooling passages in the radiators ther are usally more fins than you will find in the old brass core iron block beasts of old. the new aluminum blocks and heads need the proper corrosion protection. don't switch

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