1996 Nissan


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1996 Nissan

Sentra 200SX--bought it for 3,000 dollars--5spd,loaded,78,000 miles,ladys husband died 1 year ago,she doesn't know if timing belt was replaced.Called 2 authorized Nissan dealers--1 said get it in as soon as possible for replacement timing belt---the other said "No problem,no timing belt,it has a timing CHAIN...okay PROS,what should I do,who is right?Should I take it to THE TIMING belt place and see what they charge me for replacing the TIMING CHAIN(BELT) and then go to court?PDF
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I believe it does have a belt.

Go to Gates Rubber Company's website and they have a timing replacement guide. They will state which engines are interference (that means curtains for the engine if the belt breaks). If it IS interference it's past the time.

If not, see what they recommend and go by that. Change the water pump at the same time because if the pump is bad it will ruin the belt and you'll be back to square 1.
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Timing chain

Called 3 auto supply houses--none list a timing belt.Thanks for the help.PDF

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