86 Honda Accord fuel problem


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Question 86 Honda Accord fuel problem

This one-owner 86 Accord wench doesn't seem to want to run on anything but starting fluid.
Yes, she's got a clear fuel line with 2 new filters and a tested working 2-yr old fuel pump.
Yes, upon turning her over, she'll pump fuel into a glass jar from the fuel line disconnected at the carburetor.
Yes, I've visually checked all vacuum hoses for leaks or bad connections.
Carburetor looks clean, but with 160k on it--maybe something faulty inside? Heard someone else say "float" problem?
She'll purr and even rev as long as there's starting fluid in the carb. But soon as it's gone, she won't touch a drop from the gas tank. Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading about my troubles.
My Haynes manual hasn't help me cure the problem so far.
Hope someone here can shed some light on my next step?
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It could still be a fuel pump problem because the volume might not be sufficient.

What does your Haynes manual say about the volume of the pump?

That being said, yes these Keihin carbs on these vintage Accords develop float troubles and other woes. Horrible design and pesky when they get old. Honda should have fuel injected 'em all like the LXi and been done with it.

Do not attempt repair on that carburetor without the FACTORY (yes Honda) service manual. They are quite difficult and complex with the myriad of vacuum lines going to them.
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Cool fuel problem solved

thanks for your reply!
Finally solved the problem.
Replaced a bad ignition coil for $35 and she started right up and now runs smooth.
Why was ignition coil the problem? Well I discovered the ignition coil was bad while testing the fuel pump relay switch that plugs into the back of the fuse panel under the dash. Evidently, the faulty ignition coil was sending power to the relay and fuel pump for only a second when key was turned on, but then failed to send power to relay and thus fuel pump once car was started. Thus, the stall out--in spite of a working fuel pump and clear fuel line.
Worth a check for anyone experiencing a similar problem.
The Haynes Honda Accord manual walks you through the electrical troubleshooting. Hint: You'll need a mirror and a flashlight for testing the back of the fuse box--sheesh!
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Good job Rick!

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