94 pontiac sunbird hard start cold!!


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*94 pontiac sunbird hard start cold 2.0L!!


I have a 94 pontiac sunbird LE with the 4cyl 2.0L that has a cold start problem.

Once the car eventually starts, it runs fine. I have replaced the coolant sensor 2 times thinking that maybe 1 might have been bad. It did not help. The colder the temp outside that harder the start.

There has not been any code tripped in the compter(no check engine lights).

If anyone has had similiar problems or knows what to check at this point, please let me know.....

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I know nothing about Pontiacs, but does that car have a cold start injector or something similar?
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It helps to know what engine is in the subject vehicle.

Doesn't have a cold start valve that I am aware of.

See my signature file for more ideas. Run a code check and tell us what you find.

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