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I have a old jag (w/air )where the alternator mounts back facing the motor most of them are on the side facing the front of the car
I know on a genrator the rotation direction matters does it mater on an alternator which direction it rotates in
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Could be wrong, but no I don't think it matters.

What is the actual problem/question and what are you looking to do?
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I am doing some fixing on the ele sys. to this car (as always with a 30+ year old car w/ lucas ele.)
I wouldn't think it would matter either (alternating current you know )
the charge meter is showing about 11.5 volts ---I get no reading of off the alternator except for the same reading I get when the car is not running so I assume that's the reading from the batt and not output from the alternator
this is a old lucas alternator ---lots of money $300 +---I can replace it with a lucas type from nappa ($160 much less expensive plus I can have the old one rebuilt for a spare --something that is not bad to have with these cars)but the one from nappa makes no mention of with or with out air -but it is 50-60 amps as most lucas are 45 amps--on the e-types w air the 50 amp lucas alternator is mounted facing to the rear of the car on the one's without air it faces forward -- this is a 4 wire alternator
pos+, neg- , field ,and batt with what they call a external alternator controll
this car is a fun car but not something to drive everyday or to count on in a pinch but what can I say I like ioh by the way this is the one I asked about a blown head gasket a while back it turned out to be a busted gasket on the front seal where the water pump is mounted with that fixed I am now turning to the ele sys
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Nah, you can probably rebuild the old Lucas yourself or step up to a Bosch rebuilt Lucas unit.

There might be a Bosch made (not rebuilt) replacement for this old horse.

I rebuild my old 10SI Delco alternators. They are a snap to do.

Get a service manual for your old Jag and do the R&R of the alternator yourself. The parts are available through any parts store and shouldn't be bad if you have the directions there.

Good luck.

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