Change Air Suspension to Spring Suspension

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Tyrone Lewis
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Change Air Suspension to Spring Suspension

My friends Dad has a '93 Lincoln Town Car.
He's wondering if he can change the air suspension bags to a spring suspension and if there is a Kit to do it and if so, where can the Kit be purchased?
Is there site online that can be looked up to do this?


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Not on this model that I am aware of.

On the Continental models (which also have this horrific system) you can swap in Taurus/Sable struts and do away with that pesky balloon popping horror .

Check for the answer to your question, perhaps someone has a remedy.

NOT one of Ford's better ideas on this system . I think it's horrific to see a luxury car with its rear on the ground and a frustrated owner driving it.

I have seen it firsthand!

My commuting partner's wife has an 87 Continental (old style RWD) with the air bag system and I warned him not to get the car (got it from his in law).

Of course, I teased him with the bag broke. 125 bucks for a bag, but it was easy to change.

There are companies on the web that sell refurbished bags. You might try that option to save some $$$.

Good luck.
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You can swap out your rear air bags for conventional coil springs, insulators and shock absorbers from a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis. Unplug the air suspension controller to make the "AIR SUSPENSION" light go out after you've completed the swap.

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