89'Mazda 929 Won't start


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Angry 89'Mazda 929 Won't start

My 89'Mazda 929 won't start.The battery is charged.All I get is the dash lights and headlights.At first the starter relay would chatter,but now nothing.This is an intermittant problem,as on occasion(of it's choosing)it will start.How can I test the starter relay and ignition system without just replacing parts?
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Just passing through and saw your post. Welcome to the land of the mysterious Mazda problems! I thought that I was the only one with one of these revenge cars!
Before you start replacing parts on the car take off the battery terminals and clean the battery posts and inside of the terminal lugs. Sometimes there is a buildup of corrosion that does not let all of the juice through. I don't know why but it does.
Then obtain from a auto store( Sears sells them also!) felt rings for the posts and put them on. This stops the battery from draining through surface material buildup. Put the cables back on and secure tightly and coat with vaseline or similar coating.
I have done this in the past with a similar problem and it worked for me. Now watch, Murphys Law will kickin and I will have the problem also!
Unrelated line, if you ever replace the fuel pump on the car make sure you put a LOT of prime gas into the fuel line. I just replaced, and did not use enough, and boy did I have a lot of fun and exercise!
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Bob M's suggestion is right on, but don't go halfway.....remove and/or clean and tighten ALL connections between positive battery post and the starter, especially both sides of the remote solenoid, if so equipped.....
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89' Mazda won't start

I replaced the terminals and put down the felt pads due to excessive corrosion.It still won't work.Thanks for the tip,though.
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Might have a bad starter.

Rap on it with a hammer and if it now starts, replace the starter.

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