Pollution test


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bill sexton
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Pollution test

Just flunked Illinois pollution test on my 1984 Olds 88. Its a 307 v8 engine.I failed the CO test but passed the HC test. Is there any easy things I can check before heading to a mechanic?
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Considering I own the SAME EXACT vehicle as my everyday commuter, I can tell you:

1) Time for a tuneup.
2) Time for a carburetor rebuild
3) Go through all your vacuum lines and replace 'em all.
4) All filters should be changed.

HC is unburned fuel exiting the tailpipe. Think of it as a huge fuel leak.

Once I rectified all of the above on mine, it has passed the NYS dyno like a champ every year. Also make sure the air injection pipes are intact and the tube to the converter is not rotted either.

This is one solid car, one of GM's finest. It needs TLC, and regular maintenance, but will run like a champ if kept up.

142k on mine. Runs great.
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bill sexton
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Thanks Joe My last 88 made it to175000 miles
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Sure. This is one old horse I have a vested interest in keeping going (Or junking if I wanted parts..lol )

Let us know what you find.

My 84 is a Briarwood brown on brown Royale Brougham Coupe with a brown 1/4 top and spokes. Pretty well loaded. My uncle special ordered the car as a company car back in 84. I am only the second real owner .

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