1987 Plymouth Sunace/Shadow


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Exclamation 1987 Plymouth Sunace/Shadow with high Voltage

I have a 1987 Plmouth sundance. Its a 2.2 liter non-turbo model.
Recently, i noticed my battery was overcharging. I replaced the battery which was bad and then altenator. Still the new battery went bad becuase of overcharging and I replaced the Engine control computer (called a Powertrain COmputer in my model) which houses the voltage regulator and the altenator. Still i'm having the same issues. This battery hasn't went bad yet. The voltage meter on my dash constantly reads 17 volts whenever I go above 25 Mph. It only goes down to 14-15 volts if i'm below 25 mph and have my lights and AC on. otherwise even in idling it will go to 17 volts. When I first start the car it go to 15 volts for maybe five minutes and then steadily climb. I'm unsure of what else to do and what else to replace. Can anyone shed any light on the subject? Thanks...
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Did you verify the dash gauges with a separate meter? Take a reading right at the battery to see if it's really going that high-

If there's a bad ground connection, it could cause the gauges to read incorrectly too-
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Sundance with high voltage

I did have it checked at the battery. I took the car to advanced Auto parts and they did the readings on the battery, altenator, and the voltage meter. It showed to be pretty high. THe battery connectors are kinda corroded. I guess i'll go ahead and replace them, but I don't think thats the problem becuase my car's gauge and Advance's volt meter always read the same. Any other I ideas?
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it's not uncommon to get "bad" rebuilt alternators....if you had your new one checked by the auto parts people and it's reading high, I would get a replacement, yours should have some kind of warranty from where you bought it.....you would not be the first person to get hold of a faulty aftermarket rebuild unit.....
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I agree as well.

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