mazda 626 engine light


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donald l nauls
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Question mazda 626 engine light

the check engine light keeps coming back on,i changed plugs
fuel filter .the light went out for a couple of days but came back on
i also had the car put on engine analyzer the repairman said
he wold have to go through several things to diagnose the you have any ideas
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It helps to know the year and engine size of the subject vehicle.....

Could be a number of things. You can probably check the codes yourself. Follow the directions in the link in my signature file (the one for

Need more information to help.
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donald l nauls
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mazda 626

its 1998 mazda four cylinder with 40.000 miles
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1998 is OBDII and requires a code reader or scanner to pull codes.

Hit your local Autozone store or parts store with a tool rental program. They will rent you a scanner.

Hook it up and determine what the codes are. Tell us what you find.

Still don't know the engine size as I requested in the first reply.

Must furnish all details for us to help. What is the actual performance issue/trouble with the car?

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