timing belt


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Question timing belt

is it possible to change your own timing belt??
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yes, it is....
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thanks for your response...
does anyone know how difficult that would be to do on an 86 nissan 300ZX? would i need a lift? or a special tool?
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Pretty tough. It's tight in there. Wonderful looking car, but lackluster in both quality, performance and ease of maintenance

Suggest you get the factory manual if you're going to tackle this one.

Links in my signature file on how to get one.
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I would recommend you get yourself a good service manual covering this year and model....

you can purchase a Hayne's or Chilton's at most auto parts stores for about $17.00....or you can find good service info online, check any reply on this forum by Joe-F, the moderator, he has links to sites in his signature file.....

read the service section for your intended repair/replacement...I don't believe any special tools or a lift are required for this job, but the service info will guide you through it, step by step, including pictures and exploded views.....

shouldn't be a problem for someone moderately mechanically inclined with a decent set of metric tools.....

good luck....
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yes it does look wonderful...the performance and quality of the car are also outsanding in my case...i'm just trying to keep it that way without getting a second job. thanks
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Yup, problem is they are a PITA to work on. Very tight in there. Parts are also quite expensive.

The turbo models are very troublesome when they get old. Parts get expensive.

These cars also rot out pretty badly as well

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