AC and possible transmission for 90 Trooper with 103k miles


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Question AC and possible transmission for 90 Trooper with 103k miles

Ok,I am moving to Cabo and the summers are brutal hot.As a result I need to put in an AC in my Trooper which never an AC.

The best quote I have gotten is $1,540 installed.Engine is in good shape,new tires,new clutch,compression 110-130,new brakes,valve gaskets,paint job,carpet. So it seems the right thing to do.Any ideas on how to save money while getting an AC installed?

The next issue is I may need a new transmission for $2000.With a goal of keeping the car two more years(have owned it since it was new),does this make sense?

It does to me,but not being a gearhead,I'd like others opinions or input who know Isuzus.I have not had it confirmed it needs new transmission,but shifting into 2nd has becoem more difficult,so much so it is easier to shift from 1st to 3rd when I enough speed to do so.
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Unless you have some tie to this vehicle or you REALLY love it, pitch it, because it needs too many repairs and is not worth it.

A/C in a non-AC equipped vehicle is a big job and will never work as good as factory A/C. The cooling system has to be upgraded for one, among other plumbing and pipework. 1500 bucks is REASONABLE considering what is involved to do it right.

Add it up: 2000 for a transmission, 1500 for A/C, countless other repairs, etc.

Take the $$$ and spend it on something newer, better equipped and more reliable.

Isuzus are also not more of the reliable Japanese marques out there. They rot out, are expensive parts wise and generally fall apart

My .02 is pitch it in a heartbeat for something much better.
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I agree with major thing to consider is parts availability in poster on this forum is having all kinds of trouble finding anything down there for his Dodge, let alone anything foreign, I'd be willing to bet Isuzu doesn't compute too well south of the border.....something more domestic like a Chevy truck or Blazer would be a much better choice, especially if you have to take it to a local mechanic or dealer for repairs....
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