daylight running lights


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daylight running lights

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra sle pickup. It is equipped with daylight running lights. Problem is the lights no longer come on when I put the vehicle in gear as they are supposed to. This happened about two(2) weeks after the thing went out of warranty. Hmmm?
How can I repair this or should I just let them stay out. They are a convenience when raining and a safety device otherwise. Thanks.
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I would say either a switch or a relay went bad. But I would try the dealer first, as the warranty barely expired. They may do it under their "good will" warranty.
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I agree.

Generally, the factory warranty is 3 years or 36k, whichever comes first.

Even if you are over the mileage limit, make the dealer fix it for free. Shouldn't have happened to a 2 year old truck.
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Day Time Running Lights

Check your owners manual. I have a 2001 Sonoma and there is an override button. You hit it 6 times jump up and down 3 times and stand on one leg. Then the lights stay off. No for real though there is an overide button next to the head light switch.

Hope it helps

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from what I've read on site there is a serious problem with the lenses not sealing and water getting in and blowing bulbs....just another thought....

from what I've read the lights stay off until you release the parking brake and the "overide" button next to headlight switch controls the dome light, as it does on my 96....

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Push Button Over Ride for Driving Light

On my 2001 Sonoma there is a push button next to the curtisey light and dash dimer. It is used to turn off the day drive light, but you need to push it in a simple code fashion to make it work.

For what its worth.


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