no power starting


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james gallagher
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no power starting

i cant start my 84 ford ranger 2.0l 4cyl. standard, i had no problem last night starting the truck and this morning was gonna take truck to work,but no start , it was a cold night last night -17c
thought that might have killed the battery so i charged it for an hour and tried again ,it seems to kill it instantly the starter doesnt even turn over, even changed the battery with my wifes car battery still the same killed it to, or so it would seem, if i wiggle the negative battery cable it will give me enough power to run the lights and stereo etc. but the minute you try to start it , it just kills the battery, i have tryed tapping on the starter and tapping on the starter relay switch and no luck, could this be the starter solenoid going , or bad wiring , ran great last night and all week long, just this morning, please help
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Sounds like poor connections at the battery/and/or starter to me.
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Check the ground connection at the block as you say if you wiggle the neg it makes a better connection. From their run a jumper cable from the neg post to the same point the neg cable connects to which in effect is a way to test whether the neg cable is faulty. It is doubtful the battery is going dead in one start. It sounds like the connection is loose which will give the same symptom.
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james gallagher
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bad connection

yup, was the negative battery cable , the cable had corroded away and was just hanging together, so i replaced the cable and clean up all the battery conections while i was at it. oh well i needed a sick day off i guess, thanks again for the help
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Glad to hear it was something simple.

I give you permission to take the rest of the day off

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